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Chronic or Acute: What Type is Your Pain?


The pain that you are experiencing can be due to different causes and types. And they can be acute or chronic and may need Pain Management in Oregon, Ohio to stop or lessen the sensations. To know about these concerns, let us give you a background of pain and its types.

What is pain?

People experience pain when something is wrong with their bodies. We feel uncomfortable or hurt in the affected area.

Acute pain is sharp and sudden. It doesn’t stay more than six months and usually goes out when the source of pain is gone. Some of its causes are wounds, burns, injections, and surgical incisions.

On the other hand, chronic pain involves health issues that are consistent, continuous, and severe. Examples of this are neck and Joint Pain, sciatica, and other neurogenic conditions.

Those who suffer from the latter may need long-term Chronic Pain Treatment and intervention. Otherwise, it can lead to other health issues like depression and worsening of your condition.

A person can seek Pain Condition Treatment in Perrysburg, Ohio if symptoms persist – as these may affect lives and everyday living.

Should you require a Pain Doctor in Toledo, Ohio, for an initial consultation, tests, and procedures, let our team help you manage. Comprehensive Centers For Pain Management offers services that can help relieve many kinds of pain using minimally invasive treatments so you can go back to work and activities in no time. Call us at 419-843-1370
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