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Telemedicine is an easily accessed, convenient way of communicating with a provider. Using AdvancedMD Patient Portal, patients can schedule and attend an e-visit with a physician, saving time and money on travel for doctor appointments.

This is ideal if patients have difficulty scheduling transportation, are from a rural area, or have lifestyles that leave little time to wait in a doctor’s office. This technology reflects CC4PM’s commitment to provide the most up-to-date patient care by placing access to providers in a patient’s hands and homes.

This service allows face time with physicians anytime, anywhere. An e-visit parallels a doctor visit enabling patients to speak with doctors in the location of your choosing; using a computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet to carry out the appointment. This increases a patient’s engagement and accessibility to healthcare which has been shown to strengthen patient outcomes and satisfaction. Our providers use this service to enhance CC4PM’s excellent patient care model.

Patient safety and security is our number one priority. By connecting to e-visits through the AdvancedMD Patient Portal it’s important that personal information is protected. Whether the patient is completing a routine appointment, discussing an upcoming procedure, or consulting pain management options, they can speak freely knowing their appointment is confidential. A patient’s trust is highly valued at CC4PM and that value is emphasized in all parts of our practice.

Patient Benefits of using Telemedicine

  • Decrease in scheduling conflicts
  • Increase accessibility to physicians
  • Location of patients choosing
  • Timeliness of care

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Telemedicine?
A: Telemedicine is a service to provide remote access to patient providers. This can use this service where ever and whenever patients have an internet connection.

Q: When are e-visits available?
A: Appointments are available Monday – Friday from 8:00am- 4:45pm. Click here to schedule now.

Q: What is the cost of an e-visit?
A: E-visit are billed under a patient’s individual insurance and co-pays may apply based on their insurance plans. Patients will not be billed for this service until the appointment has been completed. 24- hour notice is required for cancelation and rescheduling.

Q: Can hearing impaired patients use Telemedicine?
A: Yes! Patients have an option of typing within this service.

Q: Can I be prescribed medication during an e-visit?
A: Patients can be prescribed medication during an e-visit upon the discretion of the doctor. E-visits do not guarantee medications will prescribed.

Q: Can Patients use a tablet or smartphone?
A: Yes! Patients may use computers, tablet, or smartphones for this service. They are encouraged to use whatever device they are most comfortable with.

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