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“The tightness is gone, the pain is gone, and I finally feel like my old self again”

– Chris Biggins, Chronic Pain Patient

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It has helped make my life bearable. It helps me get up and be able to do things I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. It has been a lifesaver.

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  • – Janet C.

It has made my days tolerable and allowed me to lead the quality of life, within my physical limitations, that I choose. Playing with my three year old granddaughter and babysitting her is the most important Playing catch with my older grandchild is also one of the joys in life that I value greatly.

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  • – Amy R.

Comprehensive Centers for Pain Management has positively impacted my quality of life with routine injections and pain medications, allowing me to better carry out my daily activities. The staff are very caring and professional and offer ideas and tips on how to improve my functionality. I feel much better, although living with a chronic illness is challenging. The compassionate staff are there to boost my spirits and help me set positive goals.

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  • – Cheri F.

They have helped me maintain a better quality of life, after having multiple back surgeries. I can’t put into words the relief I have and the hospitality of the staff at Comprehensive Centers for Pain Management. I have come across some huge hurdles and they have helped me overcome them with comfort and care.

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  • – Jeanette H.

With the treatment plans I am able to live a more active life. When I am seen in the office the staff actually care about me and how I feel and put my feelings into consideration. They are caring and truly have given me my life back. I am able to be active with my family and my son. Before my treatment plan, I was stuck on the couch and it was hard to go to work or even enjoy my life.

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  • – Samantha T.

The procedures I’ve received through Comprehensive Centers for Pain Management have given me opportunities to once again play golf, cut grass, fish, and do daily tasks around the house. Prior to having radiofrequency ablation, I was unable to stand or sit for extended periods of time, let alone function well enough to do most things we take for granted. Dr. Moghal and his dedicated staff have given me a renewed outlook for a positive, pain-controlled future.

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  • – Laura B.

I have been seeing the Comprehensive Center for many years. Before coming here, I could barely walk. I used a cane and went to the ER many times because of pain. I was also on a very high dose of pain medicine. Because of Dr. James and his team, I now walk without my cane. I take no pain medicine and have never felt better. I will always have pain but it’s managed very well. The best part of this team is that they always let me have a say in my treatment. I can’t even describe how wonderful all the nursing staff is. Their care is awesome.

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  • – DeAnna A.

The pain management treatment I have received from Comprehensive Centers for Pain Management has given me the ability to be a young adult again. Before my treatment here, the littlest things such as walking around caused me extreme pain. Now I feel like I can do everything I was able to before my accident.

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  • – Brock H.

Over the last 15 to 20 years, Dr. James has been able to give me an almost normal life, by reducing my pain levels. The procedures he has performed have reduced or eliminated my pain for many months. His care improved my ability to enjoy life with my children and grandchildren. My whole family is grateful to Dr. James for the care and quality of life he has given me over the years.

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  • – Sandra S.

I had been suffering from bad headaches and was unable to turn my head to the right after two concussions in two separate auto accidents four months apart. The procedures Dr. Moghal performed reduced 7-level pain to either 0 or 1-level pain. I am able to drive again because I can now turn my head to the right to check my blind spot. I am no longer grumpy or in a foul mood all the time because I am no longer in pain all the time.

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