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Physical Therapy for Effective Pain Management


Physical therapy is a safe, effective treatment for identifying, diagnosing, and treating movement problems and addressing chronic pain. Similar to a pain doctor in Toledo, Ohio, a physical therapist is an expert in treating pain and identifying its source. In doing so, they can treat those problem areas with certain exercises and techniques to ease pain and help you move better.

As a trusted provider of pain condition treatment in Perrysburg, Ohio, we will discuss how physical therapy can aid in pain management:

  • Exercise

    Physical therapy may include certain exercises to target the area where you are experiencing pain. A physical therapist can assess your pain level and prescribe an exercise that is specific to your goals and needs. For instance, muscle-strengthening physical therapy exercises are recommended for patients with muscle weakness, joint pain, or chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • Manual Therapy

    Physical therapists utilize manipulation, dry needling, joint, and soft tissue mobilizations, and other strategies to relieve pain. This hands-on approach to treating pain is effective for improving movement and addressing conditions like low back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Patient Education

    Physical therapists not only assess your condition and provide pain treatment, but they also talk with you to ensure you understand your pain history and treatment. This also includes setting realistic expectations about your treatment.

We at Comprehensive Centers For Pain Management provide premier physical therapy services as part of our comprehensive approach to pain management in Oregon, Ohio. With physical therapy, patients can develop, regain, or maintain functionality and stability. Get in touch with us for inquiries.

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