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The Benefits of Dry Needling: A Closer Look

Trigger points can be a constant source of pain that interferes with daily activities. Also called knotted muscles, these can cause pain that goes beyond the knot. Touching the trigger point may also cause pain in other body parts. Physical medicine and rehabilitation in Ohio are necessary to address these knots.

The longer the trigger point exists, the longer it keeps activating nerves and sending pain messages to the brain. This ongoing stimulation will only make the nerves more sensitive which leads to more trigger joint pain. To break this cycle, dry needling is recommended. Dry needling can be a part of your physical therapy treatment to address trigger points and relieve pain. Here, we discuss its benefits:

  • Fast Pain Relief

    Trigger points are commonly associated with knotted muscles in the upper back, shoulder, and neck, but the same problem can arise in any body part. As the knot relaxes, blood flow improves as the pain slowly goes away. Your pain doctor in Oregon, Ohio, may recommend dry needling for an immediate reduction in local and widespread pain.

  • Manage Chronic Pain

    Dry needling can also ease chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome. These conditions cause widespread pain and tenderness in the muscles. Dry needling can help improve circulation, release muscle tension, and reduce pain.

  • Regain Range of Motion

    You may experience limited mobility due to multiple trigger joints. Dry needling can be combined with a physiotherapy program to rebuild your strength and range of motion. This helps retrain the muscles to prevent future trigger points while accelerating your recovery.

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