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Kyphoplasty: What Is It and What Are Its Benefits?

When you have unresolved back pain, managing your day-to-day routine and responsibilities is challenging. The pain can be incredibly debilitating if you have a compression fracture. Compression fractures are usually caused by osteoporosis. Outpatient procedures like kyphoplasty can correct compression fractures to reduce pain and restore mobility.

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that treats vertebral compression fractures. With this procedure, a small balloon is used to “inflate” the vertebrae, allowing surgeons to reshape the vertebrae and restore bone height before injecting bone cement into the vertebral body. This makes it a highly effective pain treatment in Perrysburg, Ohio.

This minimally invasive procedure offers several benefits, especially when it comes to pain management in Toledo, Ohio. Moreover, the recovery time for the procedure is minimal and can be performed as an outpatient treatment. Other benefits of kyphoplasty are:

  • Restored height and reshaped vertebrae.
  • Fast recovery and pain reduction.
  • Enhanced mobility and quality of life.

The main benefit of kyphoplasty is reshaping the vertebrae. Doing so helps patients stand up straighter and avoid hunching. This can help relieve secondary pain that is associated with poor posture caused by compression fractures. This minimally invasive procedure makes it easier to carry out daily tasks.

However, kyphoplasty cannot treat all fracture types and can only treat patients with compression fractures. If you have a compression fracture that does not heal on your own, your pain therapist in Ohio may recommend kyphoplasty. To learn more about kyphoplasty and other minimally invasive treatments for pain reduction and prevention, get in touch with Comprehensive Centers For Pain Management.


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